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Cordyceps takes its name from a worm known as Cordyceps solifera. In reality, Cordyceps is not a worm as such. The worm is just one aspect of its entity. The other aspect is a fungus known as Eumycota. The ancient Chinese call it “Thung Choung Siah’ Chau” (in mandarin) or “winter worm-summer grass” – its literal sobriquet, which aptly expresses its genesis.

With the approach of winter the worm cordyceps solifera hibernates by burrowing into the soil where the fungus Eumycota proliferates. (Hence, “winter worm”) Invariably the fungus attacks the worm and feeds only on its innards and leaving the outer shell intact. The fungus then starts to develop within the now hollowed shell and thus takes on the form of the worm. With the advent of summer the now worm-like fungus starts to sprout shoots that resemble blades of grass. (Hence, “Summer grass”).

This new entity known as Cordyceps Sinesis (scientific name) is a very valuable herb in TCM. Its taste is neutral. It is primary used to protect and enhance the functions of the lungs, kidneys, blood, helps reducing phlegm and remedying cough, etc. It is also used with good results by TCM practitioners to treat TB, protect the aged against cold syndrome, inflammation of the kidneys, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), exhaustion, depressions, and Haemoptysis (coughing blood), When taken regularly it helps in the digestive process and enhances the immune system. It is also an ideal herb in aiding convalescence.

The Ancient Pharmacopoeia describes the worm aspect of the herb as of “cold” nature (Yin) whilst the fungus and its grass as of “hot” nature (Yang). As such it is effective in treating both the Yin and Yang disorders.




Tremella, known as white or snow fungus is not only a well known edible fungus used in Chinese cuisine but is also a valuable herb in TCM due to its wide curative properties.

Tremella is used effectively to treat kidney and lung disorder, dry mouth syndrome, remedying cough and removing phlegm. In The Chinese Herbal Lexicon Tremella is recorded as an herb that is effective in treating ailments of the lungs, Spleen, Stomach, and Intestinal tracts, etc. It can also be used to remedy health anomalies such as dry or sore throat, high cholesterol, constipation and haematochezia (blood in stool), etc.

HLD Cordyceps-Tremella Preparations – is a combination of the two fungi; each with its own distinctive medicinal properties. This combination endows the preparation with a wider and more optimum health-giving synergy, thus making it a very ideal health supplement for people desirous of radiant health.

Comment:  It is most suitable for treating disorder of the lungs such as emphysema, asthma, etc, as well as disorder of the kidneys. To get optimum effect take together with Spores powder.


Info on Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a very valuable herb in TCM and is much sought after. It came into prominence when several Chinese female athletes, to the surprise of every one broke several long distance world records and attributing their successes to taking tonics made from Cordyceps.

There are a several companies cashing in on this popularity and have started to market this product in Malaysia. To name just one Pharmanex a giant American MLM company had recently launched this product into the Malaysian Market. They are doing very well with this product, high price notwithstanding. I have recently tested this product using the EADM machine to guage its efficacy. It is not that bad but cannot be compared with what we have. A demonstration will prove my point.

In reality the Cordyceps Preparations available in the market all come from pseudo cordyceps, as it is cultured and cultivated, not wild grown. That this is so is due to the high price of the original Cordyceps due to the reason below.

The original Cordyceps is wild grown and are found in the mountainous regions in Tibet, China and Nepal. Because of indiscriminate harvesting; without any concern for the environment gatherers or harvesters thus caused havoc to the environment and threatened the very existence of the original Cordyceps. As a form of protection the Chinese Government had since placed a ban on such activities and regulates its extraction with licensing. That is why the original Cordyceps is extremely expensive due to scarcity. 

The demand as well as the profit factor invariably spawned the industry: the culturing and cultivation of Cordyceps. Countries adopting this form of cultivation are, China, Korea and America, etc.

In the artificial cultivation of Cordyceps, caterpillars or silk worms are used instead of the original worm Cordyceps solifera, natives of the mountainous regions. Cultured spores of Eumycota fungus is then introduced into the silk worms, which invariably consume the worms and in the process transform itself into pseudo Cordyceps. In terms of quality and efficacy there is only a slight difference between the pseudo Cordyceps from the original.

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