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Coriolus Versicolor is a modern day herb. Known in Chinese as “Cloud Mushroom” due to its cloud motif, it had been used widely in folk medicine to treat many forms of malignant tumours.

Researches carried out in China found Coriolus Versicolor to be an extremely powerful antineoplastic (tumour suppressor)due to it high Polysaccharide (PSK) content > 40% , which also helps augment the body defenses against sicknesses. Presently Coriolus Versicolor extract, Polycharride (PSK) is being used clinically in China to treat ailments of the liver such as Hepatitis, ailments of the digestive tracts, uterus and breast cancer, etc.

A researcher in Japan reaffirmed Coriolus Versicolor’s extract (PSK) as a powerful antineoplastic with ni known side effects. As such, PSK is used routinely as an adjunct in Radio or Chemotherapy in cancer therapy to alleviate the side effects as well as raising the white blood cells of the patients. Cure rate using PSK as an adjunct is 72% as opposed to 42% without it.

Clinical result adduced from “Pai Chiu Ern Medical College”, Beijing registered 80.7% cure rate based o 145 patients treated with Coriolus Versicolor PSK for Hepatitis B. From “Hung Chou No 6 People’s Hospital” the cure registered was 80% based on 60 patients treated with PSK for Hepatitis B.

Here in Malaysia Physician Liew is also using Coriolus Versicolor PSK in his practice and the results have been very positive indeed.

Comment: Coriolus Versicolor, PSK presents doctors with a medicament that can threat disorder of the liver like hepatitis as well as other tumour related ailments, etc., which hitherto were not possible. When prescribe with Spores Powder it provides the synergy to the treatment.

For dispensing it can be supplied in bulk.

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