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According to TCM theory imbalance of Chi and blood circulation are the two main factors that contribute to female gender problems like PMS, irregular, scant or excessive menstruation, uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst, etc. Allopathic view these problems as due to hormonal imbalances, which in all probability are attributed to the two factors above.

Two women of ancient China, as with their modern counterparts were no different in their physiology and consequently experienced similar female gender problems like their modern counterparts. To help remedy these problems the ancient sages down the ages finally came up with an herbal formula that proved to be both effective and safe in solving these problems.

This herbal formula had now been resurrected from the ancient pharmacopoeia; and with the addition of a few modern days’ herbs for added efficacy finally culminated in the introduction of Danfeng Capsules to help remedy the problems faced by female gender of the modern age.

Comment: Danfeng Capsules present doctors with an effective and safe alternative medicament in treating their female patients suffering from varied dorm of female ailments. For better result include Royal Jelly and/or Spores Powder with Danfeng Capsules, especially for PMS, menopause, etc.

The fantastic sales registered of a competitor’s product using an almost similar formulation sold under the brand “Pak Foong Yin” Pills through Chinese herbal outlets is an attestation to the formula’s efficacy. The said company had also spent million in conducting Clinical test with a University in Hong Kong, which reaffirmed its efficacy in treating female problems.

Instead of using hormone based drugs like contraceptive pill, and estrogen, etc., which don’t really work well; not forgetting the dangerous side effects it can cause, doctors can now prescribe DanFeng Capsules as a better and safer alternative to help their female patients.

Danfeng Capsules can be supplied in bulk for prescriptions.

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