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>>Introduction >>The Human Electrical Nature >>What is EAV?

The Human Electrical Nature

The universe is replete with energy. Human beings, being a microcosm of sorts, are also abound with energy due o their cellular makeup - with each cell comprising a nucleus of charged proton, an uncharged neutron and a negative charged electron. As such; and reacting to the law of physics, charged particles that bear electrical potential are being generated and released. In order words cell are just microscopic electricity plants that produce electricity, or for the matter at hand, bio-energy to support the varied functions of the organs, etc. Because of this electrical nature we are able to measure the electrical potential of the human brain by using an EEG or Electroencephalograph machine to establish whether or not a person has ailments of the brain or to determine the health status of his heart with the aid of an ECG or Electrocardiograph machine.

Main Stream doctors have no problem in accepting the above two energy-based diagnoostic protocols simply because they facilitate diagnosis. So should there be yet another diagnostic protocol, like the one presented herewith that uses the "unorthodox" acupuncture points at the fingers and toes to read the subtle bio-energy of various internal organs as a technique to diagnosis the health status of patients, Allopathic practitioners should not have any qualms in similarly accepting the said protocol in the interest of their patients. Even if they should have any bias for whatever reasons, they should set this aside; adopt an open-mind and evaluate the said protocol in deference to indeed help their patients, unorthodox though it may seem, doctors should in their own interest as well as that of their patients include its use in their practice.

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