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>>Introduction >>The Human Electrical Nature >>What is EAV?

What is EAV ?

EAV is the acronym for Electro Acupuncture according to VOLL. For it was the late Dr. Rheinhard voll, a German Physician who invented the first EAV machine in the 1950s. Besides being a western trained physician, Dr. Voll was also an accomplished Acupuncturist. Applying the classical principle of the acupuncture, he designed the first EAV machine to help read the magnitude or level of the Chi or bio-energy of the organs via the respective acupoints-meridians as a mean to determine the health status of patients. This protocol in non-invasive; causes no discomfort or danger to the patients, since very low current is used - just 50 microamperes.

Besides facilitating diagnosis, the said machine can also assist in prescriptions. This unique feature was not by design, but a fluke discovery.

Acupoints / Meridian Theory

Acupoints - abbreviation for Acupuncture points, are specific sites or points that are charted out on the surface of the body. They are the fountainheeds or sources of the meridians that spread out in a network within the body. It is from these Acupoints that access is made to the various organs or systems via the meridians, either for information of their energetic conditions or for therapeutic (acupuncture) purposes. Altogether there are 364 such acupoints on the surface of the human body. But for the present purpose, the various relevant acupoints considered are those that are situated at the extremities of the fingers and toes between the region of the fold/crease lines and the base from which the nails extend out.

Meridiants - are invisible net work of pathways or channels through which chi circulates within our body similarly to the blood vessels. There are 12 main meridians; 8 auxiliary within the human body. Each meridian relates or leads to the respective organ or body systems. As such the meridian that is linked to the lungs will restrict the diagnostic readings specifically to the lungs including the respiratory tracts that are connected to it. Similarly diagnostic probing of the meridian via the acupoint that links to the heart will only confine its reading of the status of the heart and not any other organs. Likewise, the rest of the organs can also be accessed for diagnosis via their respective acupoints/meridians.

The meridians or channels are ethereal or invisble , unlike the lymphatic and the nerve or circulatory systems, which needs no wire to operate vis-avis the conventional phone which requires cable or fibre optic in order to work.

Meridians, besides channeling Chi also act as conduits through which the energy-medicinal & nutritional, etc., of every type of medicament, food or herb enters and travels to the organ/s to exert its influence. If the energy is in sync with the organs concern its influencewill be positive. Otherwise the result will be deleterious to the organs (adverse side effect)

About Electro-Acupoint Diagnostic Machine (EADM)

EADM is designed and manufactured in Malaysia based on the principle of EAV. It had been tested and verified by SIRIM as being in full compliance to "The American National Standard Current Limits for Electromedical Apparatus by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)",

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