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>>Introduction >>The Human Electrical Nature >>What is EAV?

Diagnosis is an art in identifying ailments from signs and symptoms. Its the first procedure medical doctors perform; followed by prescriptions as a prelude to curing sicknesses. Whether a sickness could be cured or not depends on: (a) the accuracy of the diagnosis, (b) the correctness of the prescription, and (c) the physiological response of the patient to the prescribed medicament.

At the GPs' level the instruments generally being used to aid diagnosis are the thermometer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope and at the very most, the ultra sound machine, etc. It is usually at the Specialists' level that hi-tech equipment, such as X-Ray, MRI, CT SCan, ECG and Endoscope, etc.; each one relevant to the respective specialties is used, when warranted.

Apart from a modicum of equipment described above, which do not really help much, GPs have nothing else to rely on, except their experiences, common sense and some luck to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis. Consequently, such diagnosis is not without any flaw due to its subjectivety. When it comes to prescription, once again doctors do not have anything to guide them, apart from experiences and luck. Therefore doctors have no mean of knowing with any certainty whether the prescriptions written are right for their patients or not. Prescriptions often are at random. Should the first presscription fail to work, another one would then be tried out and so on until the right one is found, if at all it could be found. This is a try and error method of prescription - a norm in today's medical practice.

Without any form of equipment to assist doctors to achieve a more objective or correct diagnosis and prescriptions, there is therefore a possibility that when due to lapses, (being human) misdiagnosis and or wrong prescriptions could occur. In the event that it does occur it might result in serious consequences that could put doctor' reputation on the line. Furthermore there is also the likelihood that doctors could be unwittingly prescribing iatrogenic drugs that would result in secondary diseases that cause harm to the patients. The recent Vioxx case is one example. These are the perennial problems faced by all medical doctors today; GPs and Specialists.

In view of the foregoing, this proposal should be regarded as opportune as it serves to introduce an energy-based diagnosis device that present medical practitioners with a more objective diagnostic and prescription protocol that would help reduce the incidences of misdiagnosis and prescriptions etc., if not totally eliminate them. The said device, as the name implies, operates by tapping into the electrical nature inherent in the human being via the acupuncture points as a mean to diagnose the health status of patients. It may seem somewhat odd to the unintated but nevertheless it is very plausible. Therefore this proposal should be welcomed and evaluated meticulously.
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