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Consumption Guidelines for Various Ailments:
  • For general health maintenance: Initially for the first 15 days take once in the morning ?an hour before breakfast. Before retiring take another one time, 1- 2 capsules or 2- 4 capsules per day.

  • For those suffering from health anomaly, such as rheumatism, bronchitis, body pain, etc., take two capsules twice a day. Each time: two capsules 30mins before meal.

  • In very serious case such as disease of the Liver, Cancer, Diabetes, and Stroke, etc. Take at least 3 times a day. Each time 2 - 3 capsules together with high dosage of Vitamin C, 500 - 1000mg, 30mins before meal.

  • For those suffering from stomach ulcer or gastritis, initially for the first 15 days, take the capsules after each meal. After which, revert to taking capsules 30mins before each meal. Capsules to be taken 3 times a day. Each time: 1 - 2 capsules.

  • The Spores Powder is a natural product and not a medicine. As such it can be taken with any western medicine after 30 - 60mins interval.

  • After consumption, it would be better to execute some form of light exercise, such as walking until you build up body heat and blood circulation, Take precaution to prevent chill. If unable to carry out such light exercise, do some breathing exercise in a fresh environment, such as arm swinging, etc., to stimulate blood circulation. Clear your bowel at least once a day.

  • Always adopt a healthy life style. Refrain from excessive oily food, grilled & fried food, etc. Stop smoking & drinking. Take more fresh vegetable and fruits and drink plenty of water. Exercise and have sufficient rest.

  • Spores Powder is non-toxic and will not cause any harmful side effects like other drugs; although for certain people a healing or cure reaction may be experienced. However, the said Spores should not be taken: (a) If you are about to undergo an operation within 5 days. (b) If you are a female, and are menstruating heavily. (c)If you are suffering from any form of external or internal bleeding. Or (e) If you are about to or have recently under gone organ transplant.

  • It would be better if Vitamin C is taken together with the Spores Powder, as this would help in the absorption of the essence.
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