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  1. Mycellium is he thread-like strands that constitute the vegetative body of mushrooms or simply, the ‘roots’ of mushrooms.
  1. This preparation comprises Mycelium from three sources. They are Lingzhi, Hericium and Cordeceps. The combining of mycelium from three different mushroom sources, each having its owns unique potency, enforces the preparation with the optimum efficacy that effectively helps remedying a wide-range of health disorders as well as contributing to sustaining health, etc., when taken regularly as a tonic.
  1. Comment: It provides an affordable alternative to Lingzhi Spores due to its wide health-giving benefits that are some what similar to Lingzhi, although not as portent. It is non-toxic and can be taken on a long tern, However it is more efficacious than the Lingzhi Fruit Body. Thus it is a value-for-money herbal preparation. When taken together with Spores Powder, it gives more ‘oomph’ to the curative or health enchancing action . Therefore the combination makes for an effective adjuvant when taken by patients with chronic ailments or are undergoing Radio/ chemotherapy as it also helps cut down the awful side-effects.
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