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Tanya, female, 50 years old, American. Suffering from bronchitis for 10 years. Despite prolonged treatment, her bronchitis persisted and subsequently deteriorated into neuralgia (pain in distribution of a nerve). She also experienced difficulty in respiration. After consumption of Lingzhi Spores, her breathing returned to normal and pain alleviated. Eventually she was cured of her medical condition.

Cao, female, 41 years old Hong Kong resident and a Chinese Physician. Fell sick in June '93. She experienced a sudden and severe weight loss and her skin coloration turn pale. Upon been diagnosed, she was found to have terminal or end stage liver cancer. Her family had a history of cancer. Her father had died of lung cancer. Her third brother died of liver cancer at age of 50 and her sister died of lymph node cancer at age of 39. She resorted to many forms of treatment but to no avail. She had even made her will and started preparation for death as she prayed for cure. After consuming Spores Powder for only one month, the pain at the abdominal region decreased significantly. She continued without fail taking the Spores Powder and after a few months her energy and body weight increased. Her appetite had also improved and her sleep pattern returned to normal. Her skin color which was pale and yellow recovered to normal. Currently she is pursuing both a career and managing her household.

Surachai, Male, 43 years old, Thai. Suffered from unknown kidney disease. His condition deteriorated to a point where his eyes were also affected. He was often subjected to extreme pain that caused him to wrench and tear. He did not respond to many forms of treatment. Since taking Lingzhi Spores in March'95, not only was his eye sight returned, he was also cured of his kidney ailment.

Hatukan, Males, 65 years old, Vietnamese now residing in Singapore. He had a history of chronic diabetes mellitus. After having consumed of Lingzhi Spores continuously for some months his condition gradually and progressively improved. He became more energetic and was able to sleep. Subsequent clinical tests confirmed his condition to be normal.

Helen, aged 40 years, residing in K. Lumpur had been suffering from chronic migraine that made her life miserable & torturous. Her doctor had asked her to resign to her fate since it was incurable. After consuming Spores Powder according to instruction continuously for 2 months, "miraculously" she was cured of this ailment.

A Mr. Lee from Trengganu, 45 years of age, had been suffering from hemorrhoids or piles for the past 10 years. After being introduced to Spores Powder and consuming it for just one month, he totally recovered. To this day, he is regularly taking Spores powder to maintain his health.

Mr. Chai, aged 50 years old residing in the State of Sarawak had been suffering from Leukemia for many years. After taking Spores Powder continuously for 6 months, his condition started to improve. His blood count improved (5000) and his condition is now stabilized. although not fully recovered yet. He is very determined to be cured of this dreadful aliment and is still taking Spores Powder in the confidence that he will be cured in the not too distant future.

Mr. John Ellinton Green, aged 67, an American citizen now residing in Bali was suffering from terminal or end-stage cancer of the prostrate gland. His Doctor had even informed him he would demise in 6-18 months. At the worse time, his PSA reading went up to as high as 212. (Reading for a normal & healthy person is 0 - 4 ) After taking Spores Powder continuously for 2 months he started to experience an increase in body weight. His hair started to glow and coloration had also improved. After 2 years of continuous taking of Spores Powder in high dosage, he was finally certified to be totally cured of his ailment by doctor at Gleneagles hospital, Singapore. His PSA reading presently is a healthy 0.03 - better than normal, which is 0 - 4.

The above mentioned testimonies are all unembellished factual accounts either from the personal experience of the writer or references from documented accounts. (Due to the constraint of space, the immense amount of medical testimonies available cannot be reproduced here.)

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