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Revert to Natural Healing via Medical Fungus & Herbs

  1. Human beings and the natural world are correlated due to the similarity of their elements content. The ancient “Wang De Nei Jing” – The Yellow Emperor’s Compendium of Internal Medicine also expounds similar view, when it states inter alia: “Heaven and humanity are one”.
  2. Human activities are dependent on the elements factor. Therefore any thing that impacts the natural world due to whatever causes or reasons would affect human one way or another in terms of health and livelihood. Going down to the most basic; human in reality is just an aggregation of varied natural elements that coalesced into trillions of diverse cells, which in turn amassed into tissues then finally organized systematically to form various organs that go to makeup the human body. All these organs are held in a state of homeostasis or balance by the symmetries of the diverse elements within the human body.
  3. If for whatever reason/s, one or more of the organs suffer from imbalances this would result in the person suffering from certain health anomaly. Imbalances are principally the result of the loss of one or more of the vital elements in the organs. Therefore the type of health anomaly suffered would depend on the category and number of elements that are loss from the affected organs, which determine the extent of imbalances. Two factors contribute to imbalances: a) internal and b) external. Internal factors are due to stresses – emotional and physical and exhaustion, etc. The external factors are bacterium, virus, fungi and environmental pollutants, etc.
  4. Sicknesses are either of minor or serious nature, depending on the degree of the imbalances. As the majority of the ailments are of minor nature they can thus be mediated by restoring to the affected organs the depleted-elements. However, if nutrients-rich medical fungus is taken this would help to accelerate the healing process. For ailments that are of serious nature patients would need to consult physicians and take the prescribed herbal medicaments to mediate the sicknesses.
  5. The ancient “Wang De Nei Jing” also states that the attribute of a good physician is one who is able to intuit or perceive the oncoming of ailments before their manifestations from subtle tell-tale signs, etc., exhibited by the external physiology of a person. Whereas a mediocre physician only attempts to effect cures when ailments have already developed. Hence the fundamental goal of TCM is to prevent ailments in the context of “Preventive Medicine”. Treating ailments is only secondary.
  6. Some herbs and medical fungus are extremely rich in natural elements. Hence they are most ideal for use as healing mediums. They are also non-toxic and posses wide ranging therapeutic cum nutritional properties. Allopathic drugs on the other hand are mostly chemical based or extracts from plants, which render them toxic and biologically unfriendly. Furthermore they are specific in their performances and mostly treat the symptoms; leaving the root causes of the ailments to manifest yet again when conditions are right. As for medicaments made from selected herbal plants and medical fungus; dependent on the formulation and types they are mosteffective in treating a wide range of ailments, even some that are deemed incurable by allopathic medicine; like asthma, migraine and hepatitis, etc.
  7. Medical Fungus and herbs complement one another to maintain balance and augmenting the healing synergy. Medical Fungus is a parasitical plant. Its role, like certain bacteria is to decompose and disintegrate organic matters via the enzymes secreted by its mycelium (roots). In the process of putrefying the hosts it also assimilates the rich nutrients and elements from the hosts, which explains its curative quality. The putrefied matters are returned to the soil with their natural elements in a recycling process for use by other living organisms.
  8. Human beings in a way also undertake similar recycling activity in a process to construct, repair and rebuild organs (cells) that have worn-out or depleted due to varied human activities and aging, etc., to sustain health. When food is ingested, the nutrients from the food cannot be used straight away to build and repair damaged and worn-out cells of the organs. The food would need to be properly macerated and digested – a sort of decomposition by the actions of the stomach, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder and liver by various enzymes to transform it into amino acids and fats which then convert it into molecular units. These are then delivered to the organs concerned via the blood and the lymph system. Some molecules act as energy source, some become building-blocks, for construction of tissue for growths, others for repair of worn out tissues.
  9. Nature has endowed Medical fungus and its mycelium with bountiful health-giving properties that are unique. Some of the properties are Polysaccharides, Germanium, Triterpene compound, Nucleoside compound, Amino acids, Alkaloids, Soya bean protein, Coumaric essence, Essential minerals, etc. This accounts for its effectiveness in treating many forms of ailments, common and chronic, which allopathic drugs have no answer. Furthermore they are also non-toxic and can be taken over a long term without adverse effect.
  10. HLD Medical series of Medical fungus Preparations are natural medicaments, non-toxic, very biological friendly and effective for most types of common ailments. No extracts are used in the formulations except herbal concentrates for added efficacy. This ensures that all the natural elements or ingredients in their original state remain intact.
  11. Whether you are looking for medicaments to treat a common cold/cough or chronic ailments, etc., or just for herbs to maintain and enhance your health, HLD have the medical fungus cum herbal preparations to cater to your health requirements. Call or contact HLD Medical Industries S/B.

Wish all of you HEALTHY & LONG LIFE!

Prof. Dr. of Chinese Medicine

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