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Buying & Taking Supplements - The Yin-Yang Factor

1.1 If you are into health supplements taking of one kind or another then in all probability you had        based your choice on the advertised claims made of the said supplement/s in the print and/or        electronic media, which more often are hyped up by the advertisers for obvious reasons.        Alternatively your doctor or a friend could have recommended you the said supplement.        Whichever may be the case, you still have no way of knowing whether the said supplement/s will        work for you or not. As such taking Supplement/s becomes a matter of blind faith or luck.

1.2 The reason that this is so is due to the fact that the same supplement that works for “A” might not        necessary work for “B” due to the uniqueness of the human physiology which responds        differently from person to person. If you are experiencing that “feel-good” effect then probably the        supplement/s you take does work but then again this “feel-good” effect could be due to placebo,        or worse, the result of a banned substance/s, like steroid that is put into the supplement to        induce that “Oomp”. Surely you must have heard or read of instances of people been injured or        even killed as a result of taking supplements that contained prohibited substances.

1.3 Indiscriminate taking of supplements over a long term is therefore dangerous. This matter is so        serious that it warranted a front-paged announcement emanating from MOH - “Vitamin Check.        Ensuring health supplements are what they claim to be.” in The Star dated 14th July        2007,cautioning against taking supplements indiscriminately. How then does one go about        ascertaining the suitability of any given supplements? The answer is given in Para C, but before        going to that paragraph it is important to first read and understand the TCM Yin-Yang theory        concerning the said matter below - (3).

2. General Perception of Supplements

2.1 It is the common perception by many people that health supplements, particularly those that are        herbal based are generally safe. Nothing can be further from the truth. If you are on drugs, for        example for hypertension or diabetes, etc., on a long term, some supplements, even herbal        ones might interact with these drugs and result in adverse side-effects that could be injurious to        your health. Even you might not be on any drugs, long term usage of a particular supplement        worse still if you are on multiple supplements you could end up suffering either inflammatory or        degenerative disorders in one or more of your organs that could result in serious ailments in        later years. This deleterious effect does not come about overnight but surreptitiously and        cumulatively over the years.

3. TCM Yin-Yang Theory

3.1 In TCM theory the uniqueness of the human physiology, like everything else in the universe has        two components - the Yin and the Yang. In a healthy body the Yin and the Yang components are        held in a state of balance as depicted in the Tai Chi Pictogram – a circle demarcates into two        equal parts by a subtle “S” - one white and the other black that blend into each other. Within the        white half exists a black circle and in the black half, a white circle. This symbol represents        balance and harmony. Otherwise there will be health anomaly.

3.2 Yin-Yang represents the opposites such as hot and cold, male and female, etc. Foods,         medicaments, health supplements, etc., likewise possess the Yin-Yang characteristic. That is         why some foods, medicaments and health supplements which are beneficial to certain people         but would be unsuitable for others. For example if supplements or medicaments, etc., that are of        Yin characteristic are taken by people with Yin excesses or disorders in their physiology, it would        be tantamount to adding ice to a cold situation. This would further increase the Yin component        and reduces that of the Yang; thus upsetting the status quo and aggravate the imbalances        further. The “majority” or predominant Yin invariably will “push” or dominate the “minority” or        lesser Yang component thus giving rise to hot syndrome or in TCM parlance “False fire”. This        would result in dry mouth, swelling gum and sore throat, etc. On the other hand, if people        suffering from Yang excesses or disorders were to take supplements, etc., that are of Yang        nature it would be like adding fuel to fire. This would give rise to syndrome such as “red face”,        high body temperature, insomnia, constipation and bad mouth odour, etc. That is why it is of        utmost importance that one should select the right supplements that could balance one’s        physiological aberration.

4.   How to ascertain Supplement/s matches your physiological makeup?

4.1 Just bring along the supplements or even medicaments you are taking or intend taking to GS        medical Centre (Address below) for evaluation. With the aid of GS Electronic-acupoint        Diagnostic cum Prescription Machine (EADM) it can be ascertained whether the supplements        or medicaments has/have the right chi that matches with your physiology. The fee for this service        is just RM50/=. This is inclusive of a reading or diagnosis of the chi levelof your internal organs        and systems via the acupuncture points of your hands and feet as a mean to determine your        health status. Such a diagnosis is in the context of “preventive medicine” and therefore well worth        your money and effort.

4.2 For the benefit of those who are not able to come to our centre for whatever reasons,       arrangements could be made for our house-call services* for a small fees of RM50/= over the       evaluation fees to cover transport expenses. *(Applicable only if you are living within a radius of       30kilo meter within the Klang valley.)

5. About EADM Diagnosis & Medicaments/Supplements Evaluation

5.1 EADM diagnosis is a non-invasive diagnostic protocol that diagnoses sicknesses or health        disorders with relative accuracy. Via the respective Acupuncture Points (acupoints) it taps into the        meridians to read the energetic status of the internal organs and systems as a mean to evaluate        the health status of all your organs and system. As described above, EADM can also help        evaluate and match supplements or medicaments. If the energy of the supplements is in        consonance with that of your organs then the supplements would be suitable and vice versa.

5.2 Using EADM medicaments/supplements evaluation methodology, you can save valuable time        and money. Besides, it also helps prevent iatrogenic* medicaments been consumed that could        be harmful to your health. *Adverse side-effects caused inadvertently by prescribed        medicaments.

6. TCM Acupuncture Point and Meridian

6.1 Acupuncture points (Acupoints) are points charted out on the human body. They are the fountain        heads of the Meridians. Whereas Meridians are the invisible network of inter connecting        channels that link to the respective internal organs or systems, etc.

7. Conclusion:

7.1 The term “supplements”- in the health context refers to any substance - usually preparations or        nutrients in various formulations in the form of capsules, tablets, liquid or powder, etc., which        when taken goes to make up for what our body lacks or lost through varied human activities and        aging, etc. Loss or lack of one or more elements in our body is one of the factors that result in        various health disorders. (For greater detail on this subject, please read our paper “Return to        Natural Healing via Herbs & Medical Fungus”).

7.2 For the above reason we all need supplements or health foods to maintain health and stave off        health disorders, considering that foods nowadays are deficient in nutrients contents.

7.3 Unfortunately there is no sure or definitive way of knowing the type and quantity of the         supplements our body needs. We can only guess or deduce on a particular or number of         supplements we assume we need. Even when we can assume with some certainty - like when         our joints start to act-up we know the probable cause is calcium deficiency, etc. Without any         hesitation many will make a bee-line to the nearest pharmacy and purchase a bottle of calcium         supplement and start taking it. Even so it does not mean the calcium supplement will work due         to non bioavailability. Worse still some calcium not flush out from our body may get lodged and         accumulated in our gall bladder or kidneys and result in formation of stones in later years.

7.4 Supplement evaluation using GS Accupoint Diagnostic Machine is the ideal or plausible way in        determining the ideal supplement as well as medicaments.
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