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LingZhi Spore

Lingzi or Ganoderma Lucidum had been traditionally used as a health enhancing and therapeutic tonic as well as an anti-aging herb since the dawn of the Chinese civilization.

By reason of its extremely wide and effective curative properties, Lingzhi is most qualified to be considered as being closest to a “Panacea” than any other herbs. Thus it was with good reasons that Lingzhi had been bestowed with such esoteric epithets, like herb of deathlessness, Herb of longevity, Celestial herb and an epitome of all health food, etc. It is the foremost herb among the few herbs classified under the Superior or upper class category in the ancient Pharmacopoeia. By this it is meant that its curative properties are all-encompassing and can be taken on a long term without any harmful effect.

Lingzhi, long considered an elixir, was an ancient times and was therefore much treasured and sought-after. When found it made for a fitting present for the Emperor. It was said that this was the illusive herb that was sought after by the first emperor of China in his quest for longevity.

Such was its reputation then; and its eminence extends even up to this day, as attested by the recent report in a Chinese Press. The President of PRC Mr.Hu Jing Tao was reported to have presented to the mother of Mr.James Soong, an opposition leader from Taiwan during their visit to China 3 precious gifts as a token of his esteemed for her – one of which was a box of Lingzhi Spores Powder. This shows even up to this day Lingzhi (Spores Powder)is still regarded as an herb of inestimable value.

What then is Lingzhi Spores Powder? It refers to the “seeds” of the fruiting Lingzhi plant. The term is the literal translation from Chinese – “Pao Tze fen”.

Spores Powder is a recent discovery. Researchers found that Spores Powder is more portent than the fruit body. A strain that can produce Spores in profusion was cultured and large scale cultivation was carried out thus making it economically viable.

Properties of Spores Powder in Brief:

  1. Spores Powder is the essence of Lingzhi Plant. It contains all the potent nutrients and medicinal properties essential for health – a veritable “nature’s universal medicinal formula.”
  2. Spores Powder does not need undergoing any extraction process except drying, sterilization and splitting open the hard outer shell using ultra sound process. Hence all the inherent potent nutrients and medicinal properties remain intact.
  3. Spores Powder is tens of times more potent or efficacious than the preparations processed from the Lingzhi Fruit Body.
  4. Approximately 1000kilos of Fruiting Lingzhi Plant produces only 1kilo of Spores Powder.
  5. Spores Powder has very high content of Polysaccharide, Triterpene compound, Nucleoside Compound and Germanium – six (6) times greater than Gingseng. Besides these four main components it is also well infused with many nutrients and trace elements that are essential to health and healing.
  6. Spores Powder is an effective immune modulator. As such it is very ideal for use to treat ailments due to immune disorder. It is also effective when used as an adjuvant in treating and preventing cancer.
  7. Spores Powder is very effective in mitigating female hormonal imbalances.
  8. Spores Powder has very good balancing or harmonizing feature in that it can help the body to reverse the body’s weak or lethargic condition to energetic condition, “chilled” (hypo) or “heaty” or inflammatory (hyper) conditions to normal condition; and helps to normalize high or low blood pressure, etc. For added efficacy best prescribed with HLD HU XIN – a preparation for the heart.
  9. Spores Powder helps improve the function of the heart; preventing blood platelets from aggregating, removing excessive Cholesterol and Triglyceride from the blood vessels; reduces blood concentration thus preventing heart problems and stroke. For added efficacy best prescribed with HLD HU XIN – a preparation for the heart. (Para. 9)
  10. Spores Powder helps improve liver detoxification function – (cleansing the blood of toxic elements), prevent the thickening of the blood, [iii] improve blood circulation and helps in haemopoiesis or the formation of red blood cells. Very effective in treating disorder of the Liver such as Hepatitis, etc.
  11. Spores Powder helps improve the functions of the lungs, kidneys, pancreas and spleen, etc. The curative properties of Lingzhi Spores are so wide-ranging or universal that it is not possible to detail them exhaustively in this short note. Suffice to say it is the epitome of all herbs – a sort of “magic bullet” – a dream of every doctor. The capability of its wide-ranging medicinal energy in entering into almost all the meridians to reach the respective organs to exert its therapeutic influence can be ascertained by way of EADM evaluation.


Comment:  The above are no fanciful or hyped-up claims but are based on both the ancient records as well as records derived from present day researches and tests conducted primarily in China and Japan as well as adduced from the clinical records of Physician Liew.

Spores Powder is suitable for all age groups; from pediatric to geriatric. For the infirm/frails and diseased, it acts as a therapeutic tonic. For the healthy, it becomes a health enchancer, helping to maintain health and prevent sicknesses.

It is very ideal prescriptions for a multitude of chronic ailments of the respiratory tract such – flu and asthma; to the disorder of the liver and kidneys, etc. If drugs are a “must” for patients Spores Powder can be prescribed to reduce the side-effects of drugs.

Can be supplied in bulk for prescriptions

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