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HLD Bee Propolis

  1. The tern Propolis in Greek means – “Defender of City”. Bee Propolis comes from the gum – resinous substance the bees gather from the trees in combination with nectar, wax and pollen, etc. It is used in sealing the beehives and to line the entrance of the hives to keep out bacteria.
  1. Besides been rich in health giving nutrients, it also had strong antibacterial properties. As such the bee hives are as sterile as the operating theatre.
  1. Considered as nature’s antibiotic Bee Propolis is most suitable to be prescribed for diseases of the respiratory tracts, such as flu and cough, etc. Its immune boosting capability helps take care of the viral aspect of the ailments and its direct action helps kill bacteria withou8t destroying the good bacteria that is essential to health.


Comment: Bee Propolis is a very safe and ideal prescription together with HLD Cough Mixture and/or Spores Powder for both adults and children for sough, flu, cold, and sore throat etc., when antibiotic cannot be used. It can also be taken regularly as a health supplement.

Comment: Can be supplied in bulk for prescription.

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