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1. What are Spores (Powder) ?
2. Is it true that all species of Lingzhi Plant can produce Spores Powder ?
3. Why is it that Spores Powder is unknown or unfamiliar to many people?
4. How are Spores released from the Lingzhi Plant ?
5. How are Spores collected from Lingzhi Plant ?
6. How are Spores processed ?
7. Why is it necessary to break or split open the Spores ?
8. Why is that Spores Powder has so much greater efficacy than that of the Fruit Body?
9. Which are the medical institutions or hospitals that have conducted tests on the Spores Powder ?
10. How was the test on the toxicity of Spores Powder been carried out ?
11. What are the medicinal ingredients found in Spores Powder & how do they help my body system ?
12. Has any clinical test been conducted using Spores Powder ?
13. What is the difference between Spores Powder and other Traditional Herbs ?
14. Where did Golden Sail Lingzhi Spores Powder originate from ?
15. What is Mycelium ?
16. What is meant by Medical Fungus ?
17. What are the future developments of these Medical Fungi ?
18. What are the Medical Fungus products or by-products that have been brought to the market as a result of the collaboration between HLD Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd. and the China Edible Fungus Committee ?
19. It is true that a Health Consultancy Services has been established in this region?
20. Are all Golden Sail Medical Fungus Products tested and registered with the Health Authority ?
21. It is necessary to stop taking the Spores Powder, once I have been cured or recovered from my ailments ?
22. I am quite fit now, do I still need to take the Spores Powder ?
23. If I were to take Spores Powder regularly, will I ever become sick ?
24. There have been cases, albeit a very small number, where people who are said to have been taking Spores :Powder but have not responded or cured of their ailments. Why is it so ?
25. Apart from Spores Powder, are there any other health products such as Ginseng or similar herbal preparations, etc., that can also help in the healing and maintenance of health ?



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